The management team at Stratburg consists of a group of experienced individuals with many generations worth of know-how in building and managing companies. They belong to the Indian Chettiar community, and running a business comes naturally to them. The Chettiars have always been known for their financial astuteness and hospitality. In the past, Chettiars were bankers who lent money at nominal interest rates. They are regarded as the pioneers of modern banking, and were the first to introduce to India, terms like the Pattru (debits), Varavu (credit), Selavu (expenses), Laabam (surplus), and Nashtam (loss), all of which were collectively known as the Iynthogai (account statement).

AL. Muthiah and AL. Annamalai, brothers, make up the core management team. Gappan Annamalai, the CEO of Stratburg, is the son of AL. Annamalai. The family has traditionally dealt in industrial and agricultural businesses, but the new generation, spearheaded by Gappan, is bringing services and IT lines into the portfolio. Some of the other companies managed by this same group of people are:

Chamundi Silks

A pioneer in the silk industry for over 60 years, Chamundi is today a leader in the production of high quality silk furnishing fabrics and bridal wear for the export market.

India Packaging Products

A leader in producing a wide range of packaging materials ranging from corrugated boxes to injection moulded plastic containers.


A distribution firm involved in distributing industrial and consumer products for companies like 3M, Dupont, etc.

Valnur Estate

A company comprising of coffee plantations in Coorg, which produces the finest coffee, pepper and oranges.

Muthiah Alagappa School

A leading Chettinad school, located in Kottaiyur, Tamil Nadu and home to more than 2,000 students. The school aims at preparing children in rural areas to take on the challenges of a complex urban world.

Both AL. Muthiah and AL. Annamalai are highly respected in their industrial and social circles. AL. Muthiah has won multiple awards for his management skills and has also won a lifetime achievement award for his contributions to the Indian silk industry. AL. Annamalai has won numerous awards for management, in addition to a lifetime achievement award for his contributions to the packaging industry. He has served as the President of the Federation of Box Manufacturers Association of India.

Today, the two brothers are pooling their many years of experience to guide Gappan in building his own empire in the areas of research, consulting and dotcoms.

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